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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Are graduates ready for agency life?

The Drum magazine posed that question in their latest Vox Pop feature and I found myself agreeing with the majority of what was said although the opinions diverged.

Three opinions gave a resounding "No!"

At first I was firmly in the students are greener than a David Bellamy compost heap camp.

However Adam Fothergill of creative agency Love stated (I leave out some adjectives as I got feed up (unlike the graduate traits he notes)):

"Enthusiastic, ambitious, naive, talented, skillful, hungover, interested, interesting, passionate, innovative, pioneering, capable, trained, involved, fascinated, bright, motivated, motivating, exciting, excited, eager, animated, clever, determined, raw, youthful. Willing to get up early, make tea, coffee, or other hot drinks, and laugh at some w**ker's jokes just to keep them happy. Perfectly prepared for agency life."


I was under the impression today's graduates are more career orientated than my generation; more clued up because of the competition and have taken aboard the need for experience.

I suppose it is all a question of the individual. At 22 all I wanted was to travel the world and have a gilded existence. Still do, but more realistic now.

I must admit I would go for the skills and experience, but there is a lot to be said for enthusiasm.


Blogger Simon Wharton said...

If I get a job application from a student who can use a spelling checker and avoid txt spk, then they're almost guaranteed an interview.

1:39 AM

Anonymous Rob Artisan said...


your Jaime is a bit of a star, so I think you can have the enthusiasm and skills - if you are lucky

2:16 AM


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