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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

SKV in a spin over misleading campaign

Manchester PR agency SKV has been "outed" by the Manchester Evening News and the Guardian Media Group over its misleading campaign in favour of congestion charges in Manchester.

SKV has used 4 "case studies" of Manchester residents supporting the charge. However, all 4 viewpoints are manufactured and the images are those of US models.

The £500,000 pro congestion charges campaign, organised jointly with Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive and sister Authority body, has used a number of methods to get over the benefits of a charge and swing public opinion its way.

A tall order for any agency, if news of this debacle becomes more widespread then the campaign for congestion charges will backfire completely.

SKV's website begins: "Reputation is hard to win. You can’t build a business or organisation without it. It is an asset to any business or organisation and must be protected and nurtured.

Watch out for a lot of reaction on the How Do website over the course of the next couple of days.


Blogger Stephen Newton said...

Is this really such a big deal? Wouldn't most people assume they for illustrative purposes.

It will be quickly forgotten.

1:07 AM

Anonymous Rob Artisan said...


For many people it is a big deal.

People unsure of the charge or feel their voice is not being heard and it is a fait complet are going to take this as another sign of local government autocracy.

The council should be consulting with its constituents and not coming over as trying to con tem.

If it is for illustrative purposes it should have made this clear on the leaflets.

GMPTA's Roger Jones not apologising for any confusion justs makes them seems with the council arrogant.

Will it be forgotten, it depends if GMPTA act now.

You get the feeling will be the same whatever happens


12:22 PM


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