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Monday, August 06, 2007

Manchester Confidential vs Manchester Evening News

Stephen Newton, Manchester PR, has written an interesting piece on the rise and rise of Manchester Confidential.

Stephen puts forward that although Manchester Confidential does not have the reach of the Manchester Evening News, it is more forthright in championing the city's issues and it taps into a richer seam of readers.

I think the Manchetser Evening News wins on a number of counts and I am not sure, even if proved, that this assertion can compete with the following:

  • It primarily uses editorial and not advertorial
  • It has paper based and online versions
  • It has a stronger depth of editorial
  • It has a wider range of editorial
  • It works with PRs and consequently has a supply of fresh editorial; Manchester Confidential has editorial from mid-July up on the current pages for some sections.
I am a little surprised though by the Manchester Confidential website, which offers some interesting insights, but not enough. In fact I generally do not read their e-mail and simply go for the competitions.

Alternative views? Does anyone supply editorial and not advertorial to Manchester Confidential?


Blogger Stephen Newton said...

All the things you say in the MEN's favour are true. But with the Castlefield campaign and a previous campaign against increased parking charges, Confidential is moving into territory you would expect the MEN to cover.

The MEN does not provide a voice for Manchester that I recognise or identify with. It tends to be curmudgeonly and does not appear comfortable with the city Manchester is regenerating into. It's columnists, with the possible exception of Ray King, tend to whinge lazily and are rarely insightful. You do not get the impression that the MEN is in the know and truly belongs to the city.

5:08 AM

Blogger Mark Garner said...

Interesting debate guys. The fact that you pro's are discussing (aged 2 and a half)vs The Manchester Evening News (aged 100 and odd)tells me I am doing my job right!

Makes a change I suppose....

Mark Garner


8:06 AM

Blogger Simon Wharton said...

Can't say I have a high regard for either. The MEN has wallowed in self pity for years and rarely has much of interest in it. It almost completely ignores the digital sector, which when you consider the BBC move to the North West, is unforgivable. Manchester Confidential is much more vigorous but perhaps a little guilty of suspect strategies in its growth. I got tired of being effectively Spammed by them. Not that I can prove a damn thing, I'm fairly certain that a decent advertising budget will get a fairly favourable "unbiased" story in there. It fulfils its' roll but its' more "Freddy Starr ate my Hamster" than Watergate.

12:48 PM


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