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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Monopoly shows how to grab the headlines

Monopoly, the board game that is celebrating 75 years, has come up with an excellent PR initiative.

It has collated a poll, replied to by nearly a million respondents, on which UK cities and towns should occupy the board and where.

The prestiguous Mayfair and Park Lane goes to Saint Albans and Exeter.

Manchester got Whitehall, one of the cheaper locations. Some comfort for Mancunians is that rivals Leeds and Liverpool occupy the cheapest places, including Old Kent Road. I am not snearing at my Scouse friends.

It has caused a stir with some; leader of Manchester Council Pat Kearney has complained with some passion. Who cares? Not so many about his views, but the PR campaign has certainly caused some debate and generated great coverage across the country at what must be a reasonable outlay. The campaign must of generated millions of pounds worth of coverage.

Simple? Straight forward? Yes, but it is working and very well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Always good to see great work which originated in the North West recognised. The Brazen team and client worked really hard to pull this off

Peter, Brazen

1:28 AM

Anonymous Rob Artisan said...


Have you considered changing the Chance and Community Chest cards?

How about ASBO orders for Community Chest and EU grants for Chance?

Well done on your coverage.


9:35 AM


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