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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The currency of language

Language is like a currency, you over use a word it loses its potency and dilutes its meeting.

Words and phrases that strike me as being particularly subject to devaluation in terms of meaning and thus of less and less use or little use in many everyday situations are as follows:

Go getting - meaningless recruiting / business jargon
Dynamic - what does it mean when it refers to a person?
Fascist - when used as a term of abuse it hides its real meaning, which is irresponsible of the Rick (Young Ones) amongst us
Bubbly - is this a way for recruiters to say someone who will be a dogsbody and still be happy; anyone who is bubbly is usually annoying
Ethical - would you go to someone calling themselves "honest John" to buy a car; it is proven by your actions not words

I am sure there are many others and welcome suggestions.


Anonymous Tom said...

Pro-active. Yuck. I hate it, yet I am still guilty of using it far too often...

1:53 AM

Blogger Robert said...

All-Rounder! not particularly good at anything but ok at most?

7:15 AM

Anonymous Rob Artisan said...


"all rounder" is a good one.

when you coming out again?


6:13 AM


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