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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Facebook vs My Space according to Tom

Tom Cheesewright of Eggheads featured today on BBC Manchester Radio explaining the basics of Facebook and MySpace.

There are people out there who have no idea about social networking including the presenter. Still I cannot program a time setting on a DVD player nor did I work out the phone systems of places I have worked.

Tom believes that Facebook is superseding My Space as I recall it. The rest blurred in a busy day, but he was self assured and got some good exposure.

By the way he has just got married, which he might have mentioned but thinks he got away with it.

And another thing.......

I like Tom's suggestion of "proactive" as another meaningless word that has infiltrated the business world. Another one that comes to mind is "leverage," but this is American in use except for a marketing director in Surrey.


Blogger Tom said...

I agree that 'leverage' is over used, but again I am guilty of using it. I nearly tore out my own vocal cords the other day when I said something was 'on my radar'...

4:24 AM

Anonymous Rob Artisan said...


Gaydar? But seriously, meaning becomes obscured by throwing in jargon, cliches and oblique words, terms and phrases.

Can you have a conversation without actually saying anything much?


6:00 AM


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