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Monday, November 19, 2007

Manchester's most famous PR agency

When I was looking for jobs you could hazard a guess many times who the company was if the recruitment company gave you the clues.

A big defence company in Lancashire would not be hard to guess if a recruitment company offered your a PR position: BAE Systems

I came across a PR exec job of Totaljobs that has me guessing.

It opens, "Manchester’s most famous PR agency is looking for an Account Executive to work on some of its prestigious public relations clients."

Who is it?

If I had to narrow it to 10 I would choose the following (of course we could argue about famous in what circles and what locations etc):

Mason Williams
Golley Slater (although they are nationwide)
Weber Shandwick (North)

It is a competitive list for that title. So who are they talking about?


Blogger Simon Wharton said...

If it was for the most famous online PR agency, clearly it would be PushON???

*****Moves on quickly!*****

11:35 PM

Anonymous Rob Artisan said...


it goes without saying


11:16 AM

Anonymous Stuart Bruce said...

From my side of the Pennines I'd only agree with some on your list and add some more:

Brazen - definitely famous
Communique - it's glory was a few years ago, now fallen off the radar
SKV - who?
Citypress - oh yes I remember them
Mason Williams - still going strong, after what seems like forever
Connectpoint - not really
Staniforth - definitely famous
Golley Slater - group so don't count
Weber Shandwick - group so don't count
Tangerine - just about

I'd add Smith and Smith (as I see would they) and Chameleon (although it's only a satellite office).

7:56 AM


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