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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Snakes on a plane

Snakes on the plane might not be in the same class as Apocolypse Now or Trainspoting or Pulp Fiction.

But it has been getting the attention of a much antcipated blockbuster and with no marketing budget nor allowing the crtics to review it. How?

By using the Internet. Spoofs, mock trailers, debate and ideas for the script and action have been flooding cyberspace. So much so that news programmes such as the Channel Four News have been commiting lengthy pieces to this Internet viral marketing phenomenon.

The Guardian film critic even noted: "Bloggers have suggested extending the franchise, although it would be a brave movie executive who commissioned Badgers on a Hovercraft. Or Racoons on the Space Shuttle."

It seems that you do not need traditional media at all and the better film marketers aviod it all together to create a buzz.

When the novelty of this approach is replicated too many times will it still hold or will marketers for the studios work with the critics? Watch this blog.


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