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Saturday, August 19, 2006

The thought police are at work in Newcastle

Newcastle City Council have banned the words "pet" and "hinny" - a Geordie version of honey - being used by council staff because they are sexist terms apparently.

The council didn't point out if they are sexist if a man addresses a woman with the offending words or vice versa or if a women addresses a women. So a women calling another women "pet" would every right to complain to the council if one of their employees was involved.

But to follow their courageous lead I think with have to be more politically correct and with the football season upon us we should start trying to with our favourite pastime. I think the follwing will get us off to a good start:

So John Barnes is not a piss poor presenter, he is charismatically challenged in front of camera

Roy Keane is not agressive he simply hasn't attended his anger management classes

And Ben Thatcher a poor excuse for a full back is now still a poor excuse for a full back


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