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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Social networks

Online PR will be the big buzzword over the coming year.

Perhaps it should have been some time ago, but the PR industry has its fair share of technophobes; business can also be slow to recognise opportunities. Indeed, even if they do see the value of a certain technology they often fail to take advantage until their competitors do so and that forces their hand. I only have to think of the Internet and the poor sites that are out there to reinforce that point.

Anyway, the BBC seems to be up on the latest changes. There is an interesting article on the proliferation and power of the online social networking scene on the BBC website.

The rise of the social networking scene will further give power to the individual to communicate without having to pass a media gate keeper. That means marketing and PR will have to take note, understand the changes and work with the progression of information technology.

How many will take note and act on those three steps? I am not sure about that - I suspect not many for some time to come.

And will it become clear to clients those that have and have not taken note? To the most marketing savvy the answer is "yes."

But that is not always the majority and so just as substandard websites exist, so will substandard marketing and PR campaigns.


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