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Monday, January 15, 2007

PR across borders

I had a couple of visitors to the blog from India yesterday and it has reminded me of some thoughts I have had about PR between borders.

Manufacturers in the UK and the occidental countries often source products or switch manufacturing to China, India and other developing nations. But as these countries become stronger, or indeed today, they will take the initiative and seek out new markets in the West.

China, India and associates can beat us hands down at production when it comes to cost but they will always struggle to perform the marketing and sales in markets that are foreign to them.

With greater communcations offered by the Internet (including blogs) will PR and marketing agencies be receiving requests to have the marketing from the east outsourced?

A Mandarin version of this blog is under consideration.

Perhaps it goes through established routes. I just thought one day I could be receiving an e-mail from an Indian or Chinese manufacturer asking me to promote them - outsourced PR


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