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Monday, January 15, 2007

Who would be a journalist?

Journalism is one of the most glamourous professions that graduates consider. But is it one that can lead to an uncertain and precarious career; very few journalists are being paid brilliant salaries in the broadcast media.

Wolverhampton 's Express and Star has recently announced, reported by Press Gazette Online, as many as 40 redundancies after making a similar number redundant several months ago. The Manchester Evening News has already made its cuts in a couple rounds of redundancies in 2006. There are many other examples.

Of course not all redundancies are journalists, other departments are affected as well. But the fact is that many publications are now being reduced to smaller editorial teams, yet the workload remains the same.

The effect is more competition for jobs and smaller teams coping to produce the same quality and quantity of output.

It is a shame for those involved including publishers that are being forced to take such action. Very few professions, over subsribed and under pressure as they are, can be said to be glamourous.


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