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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Buzzwords to take into 2007?

The New York Times published a feature on new phrases that appeared over the year.

It is very American but that is to be expected (no value judgement intended); reminiscent of the glossary found in Douglas Coupland's Generation X. Still, here are a few that you might find amusing or indeed useful over 2007 or perhaps not:

Hubby sitter: a man hired to keep a woman's husband out of trouble.

Internet courage: boldness of character that comes from anonymity and distance inherent in Internet communication.

Katrina Brain: forgetfulness, lack of concentration and failure to follow through on activities, characteristic of the post-traumatic stress of Hurricane Katrina.

Sneeze: a television advertisement shorter than 15 seconds.

Spaghetti bowl: the interconnected and tangled economic relationships of a group of nations.

Vice Mail: voice-mail messages disguised as confidential stock tips left on the wrong answering machine.

Zeteophobia: a fear of career-planning. Coined by John Krumboltz, a Standford University professor.


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