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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

An insight into the world of Westminster politics and PR - are you sure BBC?

I am waiting with anticipation for Wednesday's Party Animals - a drama that presents the world of lobbying in Westminster in its true light.

Broadcast for the first time last week, it follows the lives and careers of twenty something researchers and assistants in the corridors of power. It sounds like another This Life - not a bad thing in itself.

So is it really a drama about dysfunctional young professionals trying to get on with a career and relationships or a real look at the pursuit of power?

I have seen MPs who claim it is very real being interviewed on TV, but many people fail to be convinced - just one example here.

I missed the first episode but I hope to find out a little about how to get Artisan into political PR....I think your right, stick to what you know best.


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