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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tenders for sale

From time to time it is tempting to look at a tender and think of whether it is worth having a go.

Jim Symcox, a Manchester based marketing consultant, tackles the subject on his blog. He points out that it is not completely the quality of the tender document that is key in many cases, but whether the company wants to do business with you. This could be based on location, rapport with sales team, on-going relationship or another reason.

So is it worth spending so much time on what can be lengthy and ultimately futile process?

If the organisation offering the tender is fair, it could be; it depends on your offering against the competitions and how well you meet the criteria of the brief.

If not, build that rapport or develop that relationship.

But how do you know who is fair and who is not? You don't generally - that is why so few companies make tenders the main aspect of their new business development.


Blogger Jim Symcox said...

Thoughtful follow-up thanks Rob.

I agree it's difficult to decide whether a tender is worth the effort. However, in IT we ultimately relied on the salesman's gut feel to go for it or not.

Was that right? I was certainly involved in a lot of successful bids based on that. Equally I was involved in oen or two I felt we could win the salesman didn't and which we did win.


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