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Sunday, March 25, 2007

McDonalds and the McPR campaign

McDonalds is on the PR offensive.

The UK arm is launching a PR campaign to get the Oxford English Dictionary to change its meaning of a Mc Job.

Maybe they should talk to the Institut Francais; has their opposition to English words entering the French language worked? - no.

The OED simply reflects the evolution of the language, it does not make decisions on the definition without referring to the common usage. It does not instruct people how to use a term.

McDonalds wants to re-brand McJob as a McProspect stating that lower levels of staff have real opportunities. It will only work if employees and the public genuinely believe that a counter job at McDonalds has real prospects and that seems unlikely.

This latest PR fad follows quickly on McDonalds announcing that they are employee led, with all employees as brand ambassadors and blogs being encouraged.

It just doesn't ring true. McDonalds offers a particular service and product that has made it highly successful - is that really going to change to be more socially acceptable or will a few PR campaigns and nice words suffice?

I have never used as many italics on my blog as in this article.


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