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Sunday, March 25, 2007

PR weekly round up: the good, the bad and the ugly

The good: cute Knut the polar bear, media star.

The cub was abandoned by its mother and some animal activists said it should be left to die.

He has pulled the situation around. Three and a half months later he has made it on to every paper of any note, has his own podcast, is sponsored by Germany's environment minister, has a documentary being commissioned about him and has been photographed by Annie Leibovitz to promote environmental issues.

And he has done it with little ego or effort.

The bad: NPower

It might not be enough to destroy a beauty spot, but using the law to muzzle any reasonable press activity about the episode was surely too much. Still those NPower security guards, many ex-forces, needed protection from the protesters, which included a retired scientist, local vicar and a Guardian photographer.

See entry from the 21st March for further information.

The ugly: Naomi Campbell, super tyrant.

The model has not been shy of causing controversy and being unable to control her temper.

The latest episode, involved attacking her maid with a mobile.

She served a community service order in New York, quite unremarkable until she left the place where she was doing her sentence in a full length sequin dress before being whisked off into a Rolls. So much for humility and learning something.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I first heard that NPower was causing a ruckus I was shocked! Why would such a great org cause so much strife. Oh, wrong NPower.

Now this NPower does bring a good name to its activities.

12:15 PM

Anonymous Rob Artisan said...

I am sure NPower support many community based projects, which is commendable.

You should identify yourself as it appears you represent NPower. No harm in that. But it is better to be open. You are no a "concerned citizen" informing me of the situation, are you?

If you are NPower say so and you still have a platform to say that NPower care about their clients communities.

In relation to Radley Lakes, NPower apparently continues to make mistakes according to one response I have had.

If NPower do not want to suffer from their actions they need to address them and open a dialogue with the local community. Showing that they do great things elsewhere is of little importance.

2:17 PM


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