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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Artisan Blog one year old today

I must confess I was a little dubious when I got a blog; I really wanted a static website.

Simon Wharton of PushON decided the best thing was for me to have a blog and that was it.

So what's happened over the year?

Well, after a slow acceptance of having a blog, I have been fairly committed to writing entries. Over the year I have posted 172 entries and the frequency is higher than when I started.

The blog has featured in NW Business Insider and South Manchester Reporter.

The US correspondent for The Telegraph, Toby Harnden, has contacted me after finding an entry on the blog concerning a story about him in The Guardian I reported on. An amazing shift in the balance of power when a senior journalist wants to influence an individual.

I have been viewed by readers from a wide range of countries. Most readers are from the UK (around 80%) the rest USA and Canada (about 10%). There are a few Aussies and Kiwis and Indians. The remainder is mainly made up of Europeans. Very few readers from South America or Africa although there is some readers from China. There is the occasional 419 scammer from Liberia or Nigeria.

Weekdays are usually busier than weekends. This is particularly applicable to this year's April Fool's day when no one was up on Sunday morning to read my jape. It fell a little flat.

I have had inquiries for PR although not too many admittedly. However, a recent one led to a meeting with a company that employs 250 people and has quite a brief.

And the second year? I haven't planned anything except to blog regularly and be more proactive promoting it. A website to go with it? We will see.

Thanks to everyone that has visited, left comments or given advice, especially Craig McGinty.


Blogger HackFlack said...

I was up and about reading on Sunday - although admittedly via your feed, not on the site.
Glad to see you're now posting more regularly - I must admit, I'm struggling with Bloggers' Block at the minute - that and too little time.
Congrats on the anniversary.
Keep it up.

9:17 AM

Blogger Jim Symcox said...


Happy Blog birthday.

You're posting good content. As you say get some PR on it.

I've put my blog address on my business cards - highlighted in red and I always mention the fact when I give someone my card too.


11:02 AM


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