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Friday, March 30, 2007

How Do? How Do - new North West media portal debuts

The new North West media portal How Do is now online and first impressions are good.

The site is easy to navigate, has a simple and uncluttered design and information is easy to access: no login (to view news and comment section) and no subscription.

The news page is already brimming with stories from a range of sources. It is a good sign and points to the portal becoming a well used resource.

The success of How Do will be based on the users: how much content they supply, how often they read it and how often they advertise on it.

Downside? Well, I think many media professionals want to see what is going on in the industry, but I think to be healthy it also needs to attract readers from outside the industry.

It's early days and the portents for this portal are upbeat.

Interested to hear others impressions: was it what you hoped for?; what affect will it have on the NW media industry?


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