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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Footballers with communciation skills

I was having my usual pub chat, over the phone, with Stephen Wright, editor of Business 550.

Stephen was decrying the lack of intelligence and communication skills of our players.

Alan Hansen and Garth Crooks are good communicators but they are retired and in Stephen's eyes they do not count - they are the cream.

So are there any current footballers who can communicate without cliches or with originality, me and the boys would be over the moon to hear about them.

I can think of intelligent managers such Iain Dowie - a masters in engineering, Steve Coppell has an economics degree and Arsene Wenger is a polyglot. Martin Jol, Jose Murinho and Rafael Benitez strike me as intelligent.

But footballers? I am struggling, any ideas who has ability to communicate with clarity and can generate interesting opinions? Any names so I can prove Stephen wrong?


Blogger Tom said...

Moritz Volz has got to be a candidate. No jokes about Germans with a sense of humour from me, but any public figure who can lampoon their own national stereotype so completely that many people have missed the irony deserves some credit.

3:05 AM


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