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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Blog is 10 years old

The Guardian today brought up the fact that blogging is 10 years old this month -sorry about the dancing bear but it was the best available illustration at hand.

There is a lot of debate if blogging is worthwhile. The article by Bobby Johnson presents both sides of the argument although it doesn't seem to provide a comprehensive answer or enough depth. To be fair a page is probably, (and most of it is images), not enough space to give the subject justice.

It is true that many of the 70 million blogs Technorati estimate that are around are according to Andrew Keen, dotcom entrepreneur and author, are the result of "digital narcissism." He further says he does "see a social benefit."

Nevertheless he concedes that political bloggers have demonstrated bravery and have a role to play as they fight for freedom.

And that is it, when used with care and thought the blog can be powerful and influential. And even if it is not, if it does have a small circle of readers as the piece says it can still bring enjoyment and inform.


Blogger Jim Symcox said...

Hi Rob,

Keep on informing!

I can see web sites and blogs converging so we wont know the difference one day. The end result is that the Internet is all about finding stuff out - and guess what us humans are a curious bunch. That curiosity is hard-wired in we're not going to lose it.


8:24 AM

Anonymous Rob Artisan said...


I think you are right there could be a convergence, with a blog being embedded in a large number of websites or in some cases companies using a hybrid version of the both.

However, lack of understanding concerning general communications, online communications and blogging and websites being a low priority for many will mean that the standard will differ widely. Many businesses will not gain the benefit or competitive advantage they want as they will not recognise the opportunity.


10:02 AM

Anonymous Tom said...

According to the chief executive of Urbis, blogging has "jumped the shark". I don't agree (see here for my argument). But whether it is text blogs or other forms of individual communication and opinion sharing that continue, I think the whole social movement towards the personal is interesting. I also think it's valid - I disagree with Andrew Keen that it is all about narcissism.

3:34 AM


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