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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

PR round up of the week: the good, the bad and the ugly

Its a bumper edition this week.

The Good: Iranian bloggers. During the recent crisis Iranian bloggers have been commenting, many against the government line.

It must take a lot of courage and offers an alternative insight into a country that is more divided and broader in outlook than is the impression given by the Iranian and many other governments.

The Bad: Nationwide. Bank charges too much?

Well, banks can only charge for the cost of the administration and not for profit. Tell that to Nationwide.

They managed to send a student a bill for £250 because of a 95p overdraft. Instead of overturning the charge they initially offered to halve the amount if the debt was paid immediately.

One MP later they finally backed down. They even managed to demand he pay up after they got confused when he sent two letters to ask for an explanation.

The Ugly: Westboro Baptist Church. You might think churches are supposed to preach love and understanding. Not this one. They preach hate.

They recently featured on a Louis Theroux documentary, which showed their hatred for Jews, homosexuals and a corrupt America that deserves all it gets. They regularly picket soldiers' funerals and even tried to picket one for the child victims of a shooting in Amish country as evidence the Lord was punishing the US for its sins.

Louis did not get to expose their other prejudices such as anti-Catholism. Perhaps he didn't have time.

Well, the Westboro Baptist Church is now aiming its anger at Swedes. Yes Swedes. Apparently, King Carl XVI Gustaf provoked the protest campaign after a Swedish pastor was convicted for inciting hatred against homosexuals two years ago.

Since then Westboro Baptist Church has attacked Gustaf as "king of sodomite whores" and "king of fags." On the Louis Theorux piece they even were picketing a retail store because it sold Swedish hoovers.

Many church members run a legal practise. How does anyone hire them? If you are not sure have a look at these clips.


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