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Friday, June 22, 2007

Dale Street fire company winning new clients

Nick Rhind (pictured with the keys to his new office) of software business CTI Network Support Limited featured on this blog in early May.

Nick's business was affected by the Dale Street fire. Luckily Nick practised what he preached and offered and had a contingency plan in place. All but a day's information was backed up as well.

CTI was able to continue service clients. Of course, even with a contingency plan, there was disruption. However, CTI has come through May with some great account wins.

The PR aimed to get the message to clients and prospective clients via e-mail, the website, print media (Manchester Evening News and South Manchester Reporter; the coverage can be viewed by clicking on the links) and broadcast media (unfortunately we could not take up BBC Manchester radio for an interview because Nick had an hour to go back into his office to recover all his equipment at the same time as the time slot for the interview).

We also used the blog and many fellow bloggers to get the message he was operating, many thanks to all that helped.

We are featuring in the Manchester City Council contingency planning group newsletter as well.

The next episode has been to publicise the fact that CTI is winning new business:

The new client wins include marketing agency HCL, architects Taylor Design, data suppliers Consumer Contacts, psychotherapists Synthesis and property consultants Bridgestone Surveyors.

There should be no clients or few prospective clients that have any doubt that CTI is able to work effectively on their software and database projects.

The new release should reinforce that view and will show their resilience.


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