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Friday, August 24, 2007

Marketing salary survey - digital media wages soar

Marketing title The Drum has conducted a thorough survey of marketing salaries outside London.

Using data supplied by 20 or so recruitment agencies they give figures on PR, design, marketing and digital salaries from account executive to managing director.

My overall impression is that in-house and agency seem to correlate. I had been under the impression agency staff often go in-house because of salary rises, perhaps from an agency to a blue chip they do. Other than that there were a few regional variations and the point that money is not everything.

The real interest for me is the digital media salaries. Apparently in London salaries are kept in check as there is an abundance of staff with the developer, designer or SEO skills. In the hinterland this is quite the reverse.

North West salaries are as follows:

Developer £24,900
Senior developer £31,100
Designer £24,400
Senior designer £31,200
Account executive £20,500
Account manager £25,400
Account director £38,200
Business development director £40,800
Online marketing manager £34,200
SEO manager £29,600

They do not seem much greater than there offline counterparts, which is surprising. A PR account manager earns £24,900 while a advertising account manager takes £24,000 in the North West.

I do not have last year's salary or any other benchmark but it would not surprise me if these figures have made a notable rise over the year as new media skills become increasingly hard to find in combination with increased demand. They should be up substantially next year if trends continue.


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