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Saturday, August 25, 2007

PRs beware: blogger lives here

Journalists might be frustrated with being thrown releases, regardless of its possible interest, in the PRs' hope that some publication might use it - "mud against a wall" works even if you annoy many others in the process.

Bloggers are more likely to become more infuriated
as demonstrated by Tom Coates
. A furious entry makes one point effectively do not see me as another pliable, unthinking, anonymous outlet for whatever message that any PR wants to promote.

For many bloggers their blog is more personal than a journalists' relationship to their paper or magazine although I am sure many journalists share the blogger's sentiment. However, what it does demonstrate is that if a PR wants their release featured on a blog they should invest time in learning about what content the blog features and building a relationship with a blogger - good manners and commonsense.

If the blogger is not interested in any releases - fine. But at least the approach would have been professional.


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