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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Curry dog and viral PR

Last week I placed my friend's Pauline dog and his desire for curry in The South Manchester Reporter.

From there it was picked up in the Manchester Evening News. Now he has been featured in The Guardian, The Metro and The Scotsman as far as I know.

On a more serious note, there is no reason not to apply the same methods to B2C and B2B campaigns. There are certain media channels that almost act like a hub and point of reference for journalists.

A few years ago I did a story about broadband over the electrical network. I placed it in The Register, a leading online magazine read by techies across the globe. The story was picked up in Holland, Russia, USA, South Africa as well as other UK sites. About 10 sites in total used the story. Impressive coverage.


Blogger Stephen Newton said...

But is this just coverage for the sake of it? I didn't think Pauline came out very well... letting her dog run stray.

She gets slated in the comments on the MEN piece.

Good for the Village Tandoori, though.

8:00 AM

Blogger Rob Baker said...


It was a bit of fun.

From a value point of view it was a favour for a journalist, so it helped me. Pauline agreed to it with the journalist on condition he published a another piece for her.

As for the comments, some saw the funny side others took it far too seriously. The reactions I have heard were quite amused.

Pauline is one of the most conscientious dog owners and clears up after her dog. She has not intentionally let him wander, but when you take a dog for a walk in the parkland near Chorlton Green any dog can escape if they are bigger than a shitzu.

Pauline worried when he went missing.

It is a bit of fun and some people know the media likes a bit of entertainment

8:59 AM


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