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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lessons from Gordon Ramsey

I am a bit of a fan I admit. Yet, I think there is real substance compared to some of the other reality business programs on television although he is not quite in this category - in fact you can learn more from him than the business reality trash that is dished out.

What do we learn from The Apprentice? Back biting, playing off contestants and politics are the only things worth knowing in business? Dragon's Den - a bit like the early stages of the X Factor when you have the rather strange contestants being mocked by the panel mixed with some with genuine talent.

Gordon Ramsey almost without exception gives the same lessons every week, which I believe can be transferred and are key:
  • Make it simple
  • Be organised
  • Communicate with staff and give them responsibility
  • Have passion
  • Give the client want they want - talk to them and find out what they want
  • Use marketing - not adverse to use a few gimics: the campaign for real gravy for instance; but it worked
  • hard work


Anonymous jimsym said...

Hi Rob,

yes I'm a fan too, I've his autobiography which is excellent. And as you say the lessons he gives can be applied to any business.

The one I liked in particular was the Paris restaurant where the woman running it seemed to ahve no real interest in making money?!
I've certainly seen that parallel in the world of business.


1:54 AM

Blogger Rob Baker said...


she was a disgrace

Even though Gordon is getting paid and lots of exposure, if you hired him he would cost thousands for the day; some restaurants do not realise what they have as well as the free profile


10:44 AM


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