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Monday, November 06, 2006

U Tube to sue You Tube

After being bought out by Google for £865m, You Tube immediately faced the threat of legal action for copyright. But they did not expect a lawsuit from a small engineering company in Perrysburg Ohio: Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation.

The 17-man company has experienced 68 million hits in August as the world’s illiteracy amongst the online population was cruelly exposed. The Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation has the website address The mix up of identities and surfers’ atrocious spelling has brought the website down a number of times and forced the “victims” to move to a bigger server.

Now Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation wishes to sue You Tube. It could be the best marketing they ever get – why complain? Anyone want to rename their social networking site Artisan? Please.


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