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Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Apprentice: good PR, lightweight business?

The Apprentice is once more again on our screens.

Does it tell us anything about business and why Sir Alan Sugar is a success?

Well, if you watch it it ain't going to make you wealthy; I doubt if any entrepreneurs are going to credit their success to tips that they picked up on the show.

It is not the point anyway. It is show business. Reality TV. Good free publicity for Sir Alan although I think it can have an adverse affect.

In fact, Sir Alan is philanthropist and a clever man who has worked his way up from nothing. Is the uncouth and dictatorial image real? Does it do him any good? What is he trying to achieve? I think the publicity he gets is bountiful but not as beneficial as he thinks. He is becoming a parody of himself; is that good business?

Anyway, do not waste time on the real thing the parody is more fun.

I think this clip or this one from Jon Culshaw is better viewing.


Blogger Jim Symcox said...

Hi Rob,

I see your point about parody and funnily enough having been into many, many businesses it feels like I've seen every type of person represented.

The interesting thing about Apprentice for me is not whether they demonstrate steely purpose and strong organising skills but whether they have the people skills to sell themselves and to get other people to do good work for them.

Although if you'd watched The USA Apprentice (with Donald Trump)you'd have seen that the last series winner (Kendra) actually did one task completely by herself and her other 2 team members just sat by, or slept.


8:20 AM


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