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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Not another one: Business Connections magazine comes to an end

Business Connections, the business magazine for North Manchester, is to stop producing future issues. It is very doubtful if the material gathered for what would have been the February / March issue will be published.

The decision to stop the magazine seems to be strategic, with Roma Publications deciding to focus on its' construction titles.

It looks as though no jobs will be lost editorially, which after recent redundancies at other publications is brilliant.

I would like to thank the editor, Lesley, for her help and for publishing my clients' articles.

With Business Connections gone I cannot think of any publications, except membership magazines and the Manchester Evening News and a Stockport business title, which are dedicated to reporting on Manchester business. Surely there is a gap in the market or perhaps Business Connections being re-launched.


Blogger Jim Symcox said...


It's a sad day when a magazine that printed my articles comes to the end of its shelf-life.

I wonder, does that mean that business magazines are not read much in the Northwest? Do we know it all already?


8:12 AM

Anonymous Rob Artisan said...


It's disappointing!

It was a nicely presented magazine and with our articles it had brilliant copy.

There is definitely room for more dedicated Manchester business titles.

It could be a case of securing advertising.


9:45 AM


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