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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bullet causes US man’s headache

Was that featured in Viz ? No .

How about The Sun? Possibly.

The BBC website. Yes.

It is the story of a man with a headache so bad he went to hospital to get treatment. The medical staff discovered the offending projectile, removed it and the police arrested his wife for attempted murder. The man was unaware that his wife had shot him. His wife, for the time being before a reasonably priced divorce lawyer is hired, claimed it was an accident.

That was in the most popular stories section.

One story of a man caught having sex with a goat and being forced by his village to marry the goat and provide a dowry to it’s owner also made the top stories, which is the 5 most viewed pieces on the site.

It not only was there, in the most viewed stories, for a few days, it reappeared after it lost its coveted place.

What does it prove?

Well, even the BBC with a reasonably intelligent audience wants the bizarre, unusual, entertaining.

PRs naturally must follow suit although perhaps not to this extent. Clients must also be educated that the media is not a prissy, conservative animal; they too need to go out on a limb to capture and retain attention. That can be a challenge.

By the way the BBC reported that the goat had passed away a few months ago. It has not been reported if the man has remarried but if he has married anything other than a human female I will let you know.


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