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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Kate Adie slams blogs

Kate Adie, the veteran BBC reporter, has launched an attack on journalists that blog, as reported on the website.

Kate was reported as saying: "But journalists shouldn't have any time to blog - there are too many stories waiting to be told!”

hat she really objected to was not so much communicating with their peers, "as the idea that journalists should spend their 'precious time' writing about how they obtained their stories."

Newsnight editor Peter Barron disagrees and is quoted on as commenting: ""Nothing better to do than talk to and listen to their audience?"

And let us not forget all those bloggers that are fighting political repression or giving a unique insight into a situation that Kate could hope to emulate, but not better. Some of those bloggers do so at great risk and for no reward.

Perhaps Kate should learn more about blogs first and even get an RSS feed from my site, where I have featured blogging dissidents before making what seems to be uninformed swipes at something she doesn't understand.

Maybe if Kate blogged under fire she might feel more at home - take a look at Spitting Images take.


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