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Friday, June 29, 2007

Smoking ban: what a PR opportunity

There are many that view the smoking ban as new puritanism.

There are some that agree with that view and have decided to make some capital out of it.

One of those people is Dave West. He has claimed that his erotic club is merely an extension of his home as he lives above "the shop." By that logic it is not a public place and his punters are free to smoke.

Who has he asked to help him with the legal fight? None other than the wife of the man who is responsible for the legislation, Cherie Blair.

Of course Cherie charges, she ain't cheap.

It is an inspired choice as she has apparently charged him £3,500 for a bit of consultation.

The value of the PR for Dave's lap dancing club?

A lot, more than £3,500. Dave has featured in the Daily Telegraph and the Independent amongst others and it is nowhere near court yet.

It doesn't matter if he looses because he wins although I cannot fault him.

For a £200 fine I might have an illegal rolly but only if I can get an environmental health office there to make sure I get caught. From there I refuse to pay in the name of civil liberties and loads of publicity: fighting the power.

I can see my PR campaign now, but only because the smoke has cleared because of the ban.


Blogger Simon Wharton said...

One of our clients has been quite timely with the smoking ban and released some rich media commentary. Timeliness on a story is just a great strategy especially via blog

11:23 AM

Anonymous Rob Artisan said...


Is it newsworthy?


12:29 PM


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