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Thursday, November 22, 2007

How do you solve an unsolvablePR crisis?

Well, judging by the two PR disasters that are dominating the new - losing 25 million records by the government and selecting an England manager that did not achieve the minimum requirement of qualifying for the European championship - you do what any leader of any high profile organisation does: blame someone else and accept no responsibility.

The government has blamed a junior civil servant and not cuts for not having better procedures for handling sensitive material. Moreover, staff at the Tyne and Wear office involved have been warned not to talk to the press with a strict warning.

Brian Barwick CEO at the FA has decided that he and the board should not go for selecting the wrong or at least an unsuccessful manager - let's not recount the Phil Scolari very public recruitment farce - whose fault was that Brian?.

Brian Clough once said that if the board make a mistake about a manger they should go. Sound advice.

In a blame culture solve your PR woes by making yourself blameless with your messaging and you can forget about the real problem.


Blogger Stephen Newton said...

Government blaming a junior is a bit of an own goal, don't you think?

The idea that a junior can lose a 25m records that could be sold to criminals for a life changing amount of money is hardly reassuring.

4:14 AM

Anonymous Rob Artisan said...


It is hardly reassuring as you say

Still, why take the blame if you can if you are a minister?


4:38 AM


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