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Monday, November 26, 2007

Oxford Union gifts far right a PR opportunity

That venerable and no down right stupid institution the Oxford Union has given far right racists and Holocaust deniers David Irving and Nick Griffin a stage.

Tonight sees them debate the right to free speech.

The invitation has been met with protests including that of MP Julian Lewis who has resigned his membership of the Union: "I think there are people confusing this with an issue of free speech. It's not an issue of free speech to offer someone a privileged platform from a prestige organisation.

Trevor Phillips, chair of the Commission of Equalities and Human Rights hit the mark with: "This is not a question of freedom of speech, this is a juvenile provocation."

The debate, which is tonight, sees the two seasoned far right public speakers facing a couple of DPhil students and possibly a Liberal Democrat MP. They will show them hey. They shall not pass (with some regrettable irony).


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