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Monday, December 03, 2007

It's a steal: PR and theft

Not one, but two big food and drink thefts happened in the last few days: Guinness had 40,000 pints stolen (although more than half was Carlsberg and Budweiser, which should be recycled into urine or is it the other way round?)

Anyway, the other major theft to hit the newspapers was the theft of 17.6 tonnes of ham and bacon, worth $88,000 Australian.

Owner Anthony Zammit stated: ""We're working 24 hours a day, seven days a week and put on extra staff," he said. "We won't let anyone down."

A reward of $4,200 Australian was offered.

Of course this is a big loss, but they are making the best of it. Surely, if they come through and fulfill their orders it will enhance their reputation as well as the profile being raised - it might bring in orders to offset the loses.

Over at Guinness:

Grainne Mackin spokesman of Diageo Ireland, owners of Guinness stated: "What could they want with all that beer?"

Well, make £50,000 and possibly celebrate with a pint?

I think this is a tailor made PR opportunity, Anthony Zammit realises that, not sure about Guinness. Think of all the opportunities to capitalise for PR and advertising for Guinness!

Guinness lost £46,000, a smidgen when compared to their annual advertising budget. Why not be a little self-deprecating -Guinness the choice of every profession or they could not stand waiting for their Guinness so they just went to the brewery and went for it.

You get the idea, but something with a bit more polish. This is a brilliant opportunity of they go for it.


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