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Friday, December 07, 2007

Private investigators and John Darwin

I have just starting working with a private investigator and immediately the case of John Darwin, the canoeist with the missing memory came up.

Brilliant opportunity as my client investigates missing persons for lawyers and insurance companies and helps verify is someone is dead beyond reasonable doubt.

He undertakes much more besides: checking witness statements for criminal cases and tracking commercial debts amongst many services.

I have talked to one national about my client's thoughts and supplied comments.

I am looking for journalists who will be looking at this case, as you know it can be hard getting the attention of a national at times, so I am using this blog as well.

A brief pitch:

My client has had 10 years of investigating such cases as missing persons in the UK and worldwide for lawyers and insurance companies. He also tracks people for a variety of reasons such as they have an inheritance and no one knows where they are, a distant relative perhaps.

His theory in the John Darwin case is that he is probably working with his wife on what looks like a scam to get the life insurance. It paid out a month or two ago. They fell out, she has the money and as he is legally dead he cannot challenge that! So, he shopped his wife to the police.

If this sounds like it might be of interest for editorial please call me on 07957611834


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